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IVF Donor Egg Bank Package

This package is designed for couples who require donor eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA.


  • The patient (recipient) selects a donor from Donor Egg Bank USA (DEBUSA)
  • 5-7 cryopreserved (frozen) eggs are shipped from DEBUSA to Florida Fertility Institute
  • The lining of the recipients uterus (the endometrium) is prepared for transfer of the embryos with hormones
  • On the appropriate day, the eggs are thawed, inseminated with sperm, and fertilized
  • Three days after the embryos are selected for transfer into the recipients uterus
  • Excess, good quality embryos may be frozen for future use


  • DebUSA has a one (1) cycle fee of $17,000 which includes laboratory fees, physician fees, donor egg screening, donor stipend and shipping costs

The following are not included in the DEBUSA one cycle fee:

  • Facility Fees – $800
  • Medications
  • Epididymal/testicular sperm extraction
  • Pre- or post- IVF anatomic, medical, and laboratory assessments, or necessary medical/surgical corrections of recipient and male partner
  • Storage of embryos beyond the initial 12 month period
  • Embryo biopsy or pre-implantation genetic testing (PGD/PGS)
  • Donor Sperm
  • Medical care, including ultrasounds, once pregnancy is established
  • Monitoring done at an outside facility
  • Specific recipient-requested genetic testing of egg donor


Total cost varies based on medications required and additional services that are performed by DEBUSA.

DEBUSA also offers an “Assured Refund Program” Please contact them directly at 855-344-2265 for more details.

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