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IVF Single Cycle Package

This package is designed for couples who are using their own eggs and sperm and feel only one cycle is needed to conceive.


● Patient takes fertility medications to stimulate egg production

● Patient undergoes egg retrieval
● The eggs are fertilized with sperm to create embryos
● The embryos are subsequently transferred into the patient’s uterus
● Excess, good quality embryos may be frozen for future use


● Laboratory and Physician Fees – $7450
● Facility Fee – $2400
● Anesthesia Fee – $1000
● ICSI, if needed – $1750
● Assisted Hatching, if needed – $785
● Egg Cryopreservation (includes 1 year of storage) – $1050
● PGT Biopsy (optional – lab analysis fee separate) – $3800
● Embryo Thawing – $1150
● FET – $2400
● Medications – varies; paid directly to pharmacy



    Total cost varies based on medications required and additional services that are performed. This
    package is available to patients who do not have insurance coverage for IVF. The patient will not be able to
    file insurance for any of the services involved in this package.

    * Fees may change without notification.

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