Affordable Fertility Treatment

At Florida Fertility Institute, we understand that in addition to the emotional stress of infertility, couples often face financial concerns regarding the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

The fees for services and procedures at Florida Fertility Institute reflect the highly specialized training of our physicians and laboratory personnel, the precise state-of-the-art instrumentation as well as sophisticated instrumentation and medications. We understand the potential financial burden of fertility treatment and continue to make every effort to minimize our costs.

Insurance coverage and reimbursement issues for the evaluation and treatment of infertility may be complex. There are many variables in determining what reimbursement insurance companies may or may not provide. The extent of insurance coverage is dependent upon each individual insurance policy and it benefits and exclusions. Understanding the scope of coverage and obtaining the necessary authorization and/or verification from an insurance company can be confusing and frustrating. The staff of Florida Fertility Institute has extensive experience with insurance companies and understanding patient benefits. Our office can assist you in sorting through your insurance benefits.

To determine whether the physicians at Florida Fertility Institute contract with your insurance company, contact the member services department listed on your insurance card and provide the physician name and Florida Fertility Institute’s tax identification number (593585336). Member services will provide you with the answer. When calling we recommend you obtain the following:

  • Name of service representative providing you information
  • Document the date and time of your phone call
  • Request that written confirmation of your specific benefits be sent to you
  • Confirmation or reference number for the call

If you have a specialist copay or co-insurance or if your insurance deductible has not been met, you will be required to pay, in full, all expenses incurred at your office visit.

Florida Fertility Institute currently participates with the following insurance companies and plans:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Conventry Healthcare (acquired by Aetna as of October 1st)
First Health
Galaxy Health Network (discount plan)
Golden Rule
Great West PPO
United Healthcare

In Vitro Fertilization Fees

The cost of IVF services varies because of the amount of medications, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, procedures such as ICSI, PGS, assisted hatching and cryopreservation that may be necessary for ovulation induction and the personalized protocol that has been assigned.

The Institute’s highly qualified team of fertility professionals combines medical and scientific expertise with individualized and compassionate patient care to assist infertile couples achieve their dream of having a family.

For more information see IVF Financial Packages.


Financing Fees

Loans paid to the provider, not the patient will result in an additional charge.

There is an administrative fee which cannot be included in the loan and must be paid by the patient.