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IVF Refund Package

This package is designed for couples who are using their own eggs and will receive a refund of a portion of their costs if no pregnancy is achieved.



● Patient takes fertility medications to stimulate egg production

● Patient undergoes egg retrieval
● The eggs are fertilized with sperm to create embryos
● The embryos are subsequently transferred into the patient’s uterus
● Excess, good quality embryos may be frozen for future use
● If pregnancy occurs, the patient must undergo frozen/thawed
embryo transfers until pregnancy occurs or until all frozen
embryos are used
● If pregnancy has still not occurred, the patient may undergo two
additional fresh cycles until pregnancy has occurred.
● If all cycles available under this package are exhausted and a
pregnancy has not occurred, a full refund of the Laboratory and
Physician Fees ($28,750) will be refunded to the patient.


● Administrative Fee (non-refundable) – $3000

● Laboratory and Physician Fees – $28,750
● Facility Fee – $2400 per cycle ($1600 per retrieval and $800 per transfer)
● Anesthesia Fee – included
● ICSI, if needed – included
● Assisted Hatching, if needed – included
● Medications – varies; paid directly to pharmacy
● Egg Cryopreservation (includes 1 year of storage) – included
● Cryopreserved Egg Storage Fee (yearly) – $360


The laboratory fees, physician fees, and administrative fee does not include the following:

● Medications
● Epididymal/testicular sperm extraction
● Pre or post IVF anatomic and medical/laboratory assessments, or necessary surgical corrections
● Monitoring done at an outside facility
● Embryo biopsy or pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT)
● Storage of embryos beyond the initial twelve-month period
● Donor services (sperm and/or egg)
● Pregnancy lab work and monitoring

The above items will be necessary for some couples and not for others. Costs for these non-included procedures will be at Florida Fertility Institute’s customary fees. Medication costs will vary depending on the amount required and where they are purchased.

To qualify for this program the patient must:

1. Not have insurance for IVF
2. Be 39 years of age or younger prior to her first IVF retrieval and must finish the last IVF retrieval by age 40
3. Have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy to term (i.e. there cannot be significant pathology predisposing to poor Implantation or miscarriage, unless corrected prior to treatment)
4. Have two intact ovaries without significant pathology
5. Have a body mass index (BMI) less than 38
6. Have a normal ovarian reserve evaluation (AMH > 1)
7. Have a stimulated endometrial thickness greater than, or equal to, 7mm
8. Not have a communicating hydrosalpinx (tube filled with fluid)
9. Not have more than one prior failed IVF cycle
10. Not have any medical condition predisposing to poor implantation or miscarriage
11. Not have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss
12. Not use tobacco, recreational drugs, or be on any potentially teratogenic medication
13. This program is available to patients who do not have insurance coverage for IVF. The patient will not be able to file insurance for any of the services included in the package.
14. If a patient voluntarily terminates a pregnancy for any reason other than a genetically chromosomally abnormal pregnancy, the contact will be considered fulfilled. No monies will be refunded. If a couple were to return for transfer of their cryopreserved embryos after a successful live birth, they would be charged at regular Florida Fertility Institute cryo IVF cycle rates.

*Fees may change without notice



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