IVF Multi-Cycle Program


  • Patient takes fertility medications to stimulate egg production
  • Patient undergoes egg retrieval
  • The eggs are fertilized with sperm to create embryos
  • The embryos are transferred into the patient’s uterus
  • Excess, good quality embryos may be frozen for future use
  • If pregnancy occurs, frozen embryos remain stored until birth
  • If pregnancy does not occur, the patient must undergo frozen/thawed embryo transfer until pregnancy occurs or all frozen embryos are used
  • If pregnancy has still not occurred, the patient may repeat two additional fresh IVF cycles and if needed, subsequent frozen/thawed embryo cycles
  • If all fresh and frozen/thawed cycles are exhausted and a pregnancy does not occur the program is completed.


  • Laboratory and Physician Fees – $14,950
  • Facility Fees – $2,400 ($1,600 per retrieval & $800 per transfer)
  • ICSI, if needed – $1,500 per cycle
  • Extended Culture – $500 per cycle
  • Assisted Hatching, if needed – $680 per cycle
  • Anesthesia Fee – $400 per cycle
  • Medications – Varies
  • Embryo Cryopreservation Fee – Included
  • Cryopreservation Embryo Storage Fee (yearly) – $360


Total cost does not include medications or additional services such as ICSI, assisted hatching and PGS/PGD. Additionally, following an initial IVF cycle (fresh cycle) all frozen embryos must be utilized prior to initiating a second fresh cycle. All cycles must be completed within 2 years of signing consent forms. There are no refunds. This program is available to patients who do not have coverage for IVF. The patient will not be able to file insurance for any of the services involved in this program. *Fees may change without notice.